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This course explores the origins of beer, by region, the development of regional beer styles, and our modern classification of those styles.  

Students will engage and participate in a typical brewday from mash-in to yeast pitch.  An experienced brewer will explain the steps of the process using a pre existing recipe intended for commercial use.  The student will have a general understanding of the process of making beer and experience this process first hand. 

Students will learn to properly drink and rate beers based on both a 5 and 100 rating scales while comparing them to their BCJP style guidelines.  

Students will come to know and fear the common pitfalls and side effects of Teleportation.  Transferring matter and oneself without traversing physical space and time can be expedient and rewarding, but should not be attempted without a broad understanding of potential consequences.  After completion, students should be able to teleport with ease, interrupt space/time, and still be able to find their cowboy hat and aviators in the morning.